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Looking for A Level Tuition in Singapore?

The A Level examinations in Singapore are typically taken by students in pre-university education to gain entry into universities worldwide. The assessment is comprehensive, known for their high academic standards that emphasise on critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

These rigorous exams can be quite the challenge for students in Singapore. Not only do they face the pressure of heightened competition among peers, there is also the need for them to grasp more complex concepts within a tighter timeline of two to three years. Without proper guidance, students may fail to catch up and end up struggling in their exams.

At Higher Nucleus, we understand the hurdles that A Level students face. With our A Level tuition, our tutors are dedicated to ensuring that students not only tackle the challenges that come their way, but also excel in their A Level journey.

Our A Level tutors are not just educators, they are mentors who are deeply invested in your success. We take pride in our ability to simplify complex topics, making them more understandable and manageable. Our A Level tuition provides a supportive learning environment that nurtures your growth and helps you achieve your academic goals.

Find the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to excel in your A Level exams with Higher Nucleus, your trusted partner for A Level tuition in Singapore.

A Level Tuition Subjects

Higher Nucleus provides a range of A Level and O Level tuition to help you master the subject of your choice. We understand that A Level tuition is a vital part of your educational path to academic success, and we’re here to make your learning experience effective and enjoyable.


Proven A Level Results

More than 20
Batches of Graduates
99.9% students
A Levels Success
>90% students
Min. Improvement of 2 grades

What if we told you that JC doesn’t have to be so challenging?

Our A-Level Tuition is committed to bringing out the best in every JC student and assisting them to reach their full potential.


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Simplify your A-Level Journey with
our A Level Tuition

Higher Nucleus is a premier A level tuition center specialising in Junior College Programs. We are well-known for our quality approach to producing outstanding A Level results.

Our A Level tuition is designed to make learning simple and engaging. Our small class sizes ensures focused attention, fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment. Regular assessments and practice exams help us to monitor a student’s learning development and improve exam strategies. This approach encourages students to not just memorise facts, but learn how to apply critical thinking skills to solve complex problems independently.

Our A Level tuition is led by experienced and MOE-trained tutors who use effective pedagogy and closely track your progress. Our educators are all dynamic and passionate; ready to help you achieve your goals.

With over a decade of teaching experience, we have continuously made the arduous task of studying JC Chemistry, Economics, and Physics interesting, fun, and approachable.

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Frequently Asked Questions on A Level Tuition

What is our teaching philosophy at Higher Nucleus?

Complexity Simplified.

What sets Higher Nucleus apart from other Education Centres?

No frills. No fluff. Our primary focus is on teaching without unnecessary extras or distractions. At Higher Nucleus, we specialise in personalised, professional teaching services designed to meet the needs of students with varying abilities. Whether you’re facing challenges with your curriculum or aiming to expand your academic skills, you’ve discovered the perfect place to achieve your goals.

Our pricing also stands out as among the most cost-effective options available in the market.

What are the credentials of HN teachers?

All of our educators have previously served as JC teachers within the Ministry of Education (MOE) and possess over a decade of teaching expertise. Within our academic team, several teachers are Public Service Commission (PSC) scholars and hold Master’s degrees.

What is the average class size?

Our aim is to maintain small classes with a maximum limit of 14 students. If you feel this number is too substantial, rest assured that our highly trained teachers are dedicated to ensuring each student receives the necessary attention.

Can our students attend lessons online?

Our lessons are conducted in the respective venues stated in the class schedule. Students who wish to participate online can login through Zoom to join the lessons live!

Are subjects available at all locations?

Our lessons are conducted physically at the specified venues as indicated in the class schedule. However, for those who prefer remote participation, students can access live lessons by logging into Zoom.

What should I do if I missed a lesson?

You have the option to attend a makeup session taught by the same teacher during the same week when the topic is revisited. Alternatively, you can request access to digitally recorded lessons.

Are there lessons held during public and school holidays?

Our regular schedule remains unaffected, continuing as usual even on these holidays. In the event of any alterations, our teachers will provide advance notification to the students.

From which schools do the students attending your program come from?

Our students represent various Junior Colleges, including 












TJC and more!


We also offer specialised JC tuition classes tailored to specific schools such as RI, EJC, NJC etc., based on demand. 

Additionally, we welcome private candidates into our JC tuition program as our tutors have successfully helped past private candidates get into their desired courses into local universities.

Will teachers re-teach topics covered earlier for students who joined late?

We encourage students to join us as early as possible to enjoy the fullest benefits from our carefully designed curriculum. We understand students do join us at different times of the year, we highly encourage new students to attend our workshops & crash courses that are conducted at various junctures throughout the year. Please enquire for more information!

Is it possible for me to create a new class with my friends?

Absolutely. If you can gather a minimum of 3 students from the same school, please get in touch with us, and we will endeavor to arrange a class specifically for your group.

"I'm not interested in enrolling for the regular lessons. I only want to participate in selected lessons focusing on specific topics. Is that possible?"

Our regular students engage in our structured lessons weekly. However, if you prefer to attend particular topics exclusively, we recommend keeping an eye out for our critically acclaimed topical workshops and revision programs.

With the removal of Mid-Year Examinations (MYE) in schools, how does Higher Nucleus assess our students?

Our teachers will conduct an assessment in June to evaluate the students’ performance. Mock papers will be conducted to help our students get used to exam conditions.

Do you offer a complimentary trial lesson?

Yes! Contact us for more details!

Is there a deposit for students enrolling in Higher Nucleus?

No deposit is required. However there will be a one-time nominal registration and materials fee.

Are there any referral incentives/bonuses for current or ex-students who introduce a friend to Higher Nucleus?

Yes we do! Terms and conditions may change periodically so please look out for our latest updates!

Do you provide any Financial Assistance?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Strong official supporting documents will be required. Please contact us for more information.