A Level H2 Physics Tuition

Study hard, study smart. Make your effort count towards your grade.

“H2 Physics is so difficult!”

Well, it really doesn’t have to be. After all, shouldn’t Physics be just about understanding the concepts (and formulae that goes along with them) and applying them?

That is exactly what we do, right here. Teachers with decades of teaching experience make the concepts relatable for you so that they can be internalised. You will also learn a simple, universal system that allows you to think about the questions, both qualitative and quantitative ones, exactly the way you need to – improving accuracy and saving time.

Still a little too fuzzy? Consider another question:

“Why are my A-Level grades less stellar than my O-Level grades?”

Of course, there is new content. But what catches most students is not the new content. Kinematics, Fnet=ma, and conservation of energy remained pretty much the same as they were before and probably feature more prominently now than before. The skills required, however, became more demanding, which leads to the next common complaint:

“I read, I understood, but I could not score in the questions.”

Now, that is exactly what we mean by a system to approach the questions, so that you can score!

Join our A Level H2 Physics Tuition programme now, and see the difference for yourself.