O-Level Schedules

O-Level English 

Learning a language is often seen as a daunting task, but at Higher Nucleus, a scientific approach is employed, making mastering of English an enjoyable and successful experience. 

The scientific approach to learning English involves identifying the underlying rules and patterns of the language. This involves not just the grammatical rules, but the writing techniques (use of metaphors) to understand a text, and eventually produce a writing based on these rules and patterns. 

With argumentative and discursive genres as components tested for essays as well as orals, building up content of societal issues is crucial to gain higher bands in assessment. The tutor predominantly teaches General Paper at ‘A’ level. The content mastery and skills acquisition for students are conveyed in such a manner that aids students intending to study in a JC. For those aiming to go to Poly, the content and skills learnt at Higher Nucleus will be a great benefit to create persuasive presentation. 


The secondary Mathematics syllabus aims to equip students with the mathematical knowledge & skills to build confidence and foster interest in mathematics. Being good in mathematics helps to build up thinking skills and making connections through modelling applications.

The focus of learning mathematics at Higher Nucleus will be centred on ensuring the students understand and learn the mathematical concepts through examples and applications. This will help them become well rounded students and also be ready to answer questions in a variety of contexts. We aim to get students to get accustomed to exam-type conditions so that they become comfortable and are able to perform optimally during their tests and exams. 

These skillsets will come in useful regardless whether the students go on to JC or Poly as their exposure and use of mathematics at higher levels centre around applying them to real life situations and interpret mathematical results. 


O-Level Physics is the branch of Science that is interested in everything that can be seen, heard, and felt in the universe. It begins with Units and Measurements, a chapter that will prove helpful even when learning Biology and Chemistry. Throughout the syllabus, you will gain insight into how the world works, and derive joy through relating the learnt concepts to your daily life, such as Kinematics, Newton’s Three Laws, Thermodynamics, and electromagnetic waves.

To help students better understand the concepts, hands-on visualisation, animations and videos will be used. It is a common misconception that Physics is complicated and abstract, but Higher Nucleus tutors will show you that Physics is fun and enjoyable!



English (Upper Sec)

Mr Nicholas Lim Ming Hee



4.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Advanced Mathematics

(A Math)

Mr Felix Tan


Bukit Timah

6 pm – 8 pm



6 pm – 8 pm


Mr Tim