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Many believe that one cannot study for General Paper.

Is reading more truly the solution to your problem?

A-Level General Paper is one of the most difficult subjects in the JC curriculum for many students. They have difficulty applying and integrating concepts taught across topics. 

Attending an A Level General Paper tuition program is a good strategy to increase your lessons.

Higher Nucleus’s A Level General Paper tuition program prioritises content learning, skill development, and language enhancement. We aim to help and exceed the requirements for Cambridge’s ‘A’ Level General Paper examination, as well as meet future workplace and societal demands.

Benefits of GP Tuition in Singapore 

The A-level curriculum focuses on 3 areas as Life skills, Knowledge skills, and Subject disciplines. General Paper falls under the area of knowledge skills along with other skills-based subjects like Knowledge and Inquiry and Project Work

Knowledge skills seek to develop students’ thinking, process, and communication skills. This will enable students to analyse information and express their thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively.

Our GP tuition in Singapore offers students a streamlined strategy that allows them to prepare for their Cambridge A Level general paper in a much more efficient manner. Lessons are structured around a weighted thematic approach, with in-depth lectures on recurring issues with a strong emphasis on teaching intensive learning, a reading technique that is often overlooked but is critical to language improvement.

When you attend Higher Nucleus’ A Level General Paper tuition, we’ll help you strengthen your understanding of the subject to make recall and application so much easier.

What to Expect from our A Level General Paper (GP) Tuition 

In our GP tuition classes, we aim that students:

  • Collaborate with peers and have confidence
  • Enhance their academic potential and performance
  • Create a solid understanding foundation with streamlined questions, flowcharts, and summaries
  • Improve their general paper practical skills with advice and tips
  • Develop their analytical skills and apply these concepts correctly
  • Improve their answering through exam techniques and time management skills
  • Will be given a complete set of notes, topical practice questions, and exam papers, all with answers.

Expect to receive a lot of feedback and personalised advice to help you improve your skills and score higher on the A Level general paper exam!

Structure of our GP Tuition

Component Structure Lesson Outcome
Paper 1: Essay Writing
Argumentative essay with clear structures
Improve language skills by emphasiszing on teaching intensive learning
Paper 2: Comprehension and Application
• Short-Structured Questions
• Summary Question
• Application Question
Strengthen your understanding of Current Affairs topics to make recall and application much easier

Mr Nicholas Lim Ming Hee

As a current GP teacher, Mr Lim knows exactly what it takes to succeed in General Paper exams and assignments. With more than 15 years of experience teaching in MOE schools and a passionate commitment to education, he has consistently inspired and guided students to achieve excellence in A Level General Paper.

Academic Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Business Studies (NTU)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE, NTU)
  • Master of Education (English) (NIE, NTU)
  • Diploma in Law (UOL)

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