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A-Level Biology extends far beyond the mere memorization of scientific facts and terminology. It places a strong emphasis on fostering scientific literacy through the practical application of various aspects integral to scientific inquiry, including:

  • Understanding the Nature of Science (NOS)
  • Demonstrating Scientific Inquiry skills / Way of Thinking and Doing (WOTD)
  • Relating Science-Technology-Society-Environment (STSE)

While these principles have long been integral to science education, numerous students might find it disheartening that the A-Level Biology syllabus does not encompass physiological subjects like the cardiac, renal, and nervous systems.

However, this exclusion is purposeful. The A-Level Biology curriculum is designed as a continuum from Primary to Secondary and then to the JC level. System-level understanding of life is introduced during Upper Primary years, followed by the teaching of physiological topics during secondary education. At the A-Level stage, greater emphasis is placed on exploring the cellular and molecular levels and their broader implications at the macroscopic level.

The topics covered in the H2 Biology syllabus are as follows:

Core Ideas:

  • The Cell & Biomolecules of Life
  • Genetics and Inheritance
  • Energy and Equilibrium
  • Biological Evolution

Extension Topics:

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Impact of Climate Change on Animals and Plants

(Details can be found in the H2 Biology SEAB syllabus document.

What to Expect from Our H2 Biology Tuition in Singapore

At first glance, A-Level Biology may appear dull, laden with extensive content, and demanding in terms of time commitment. However, is this truly the case?

Consequently, does enrolling in JC Biology tuition offer an effective avenue for improvement? We leave that judgment to you.

We wish to emphasize that at Higher Nucleus Learning Studio, our passion for Biology is boundless. Witnessing students lose interest and confidence in this subject deeply troubles us. What is more distressing is observing the gradual erosion of valuable marks during assessments such as CTs, BTs, MYEs, Promos, and Prelims. It is imperative to staunch this loss promptly. These academic wounds should not only cease bleeding but also heal well before, preferably preceding the A levels.

How may we be of assistance to you?

  • We simplify; you understand
  • We will be sure that you know what you need to know
  • We will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • We will re-establish your passion for the subject
  • We give you Hope

What lies beyond our capacity to provide:

  • Guaranteeing an A grade, as honesty is paramount to us and we refrain from making false assurances.

During your time in Junior College, approximately 16 months are available to dedicate to this subject. It’s important to consider the commitments to other H2s, H1s, Project Work, CCAs, and various responsibilities. The countdown begins from the very moment you put on your school uniform on the inaugural day of school. Waste no time – JOIN US TODAY.

Customised Learning

Each of our H2 biology tuition class is led by our resident Biology teacher who assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses and adapt the curriculum accordingly. They provide individualized guidance, addressing specific H2 biology topics or exam questions, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience for every student.

Interactive Classes

Our classes are vibrant and lively to create an interactive and engaging learning environment. You will have the opportunity to engage in dynamic, interactive discussions with your peers to help boost your understanding of H2 biology.

Effective Exam Strategies

With Mr Alex’s teaching experience in MOE schools, he brings invaluable insights to our biology tuition lessons at Higher Nucleus. He leverages on years of his experience to help you master common concepts, develop effective time management, and tackle exam questions with confidence.

Holistic Support

Our H2 biology lessons extends beyond imparting facts. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills. This broader skill set not only enhances academic success, but also equips students with life skills that are applicable in various aspects of their future endeavors.

Mr Alex Xu

Mr. Alex commenced his teaching tenure within MOE schools in 2011, exerting a profound influence on the educational trajectories of numerous students, notably steering them toward accomplishment in H2 biology. Despite being offered to pursue Medicine (MD) at Singapore’s Duke-NUS Medical School in 2016, he opted to forego this opportunity in favor of pursuing his career in teaching. Now, with over a decade of teaching experience, he has meticulously refined his pedagogical approaches, integrating contemporary educational methodologies to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of Biology among his students.

Academic Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences) with Honours – 1st Class, NTU
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE, NTU), Specializing in Secondary & JC Biology

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