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Our A Level JC Chemistry tuition in Singapore aims to help JC students in pursuit of their ideal courses by honing their writing and exam skills for the A level Chemistry examination using a holistic and structured program.

H2 Chemistry is an essential and central component of science that connects Physics, Biology, and Geology. A prerequisite to some of the most major university programs, including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering, and others.

For many students, A-Level H2 Chemistry is among the most complex topics in the JC curriculum. They struggle to apply and integrate concepts learned among topics, hence why enrolling in a H2 chemistry tuition program can be extremely beneficial.

Benefits of A Level JC Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

The A-level curriculum focuses on 3 areas as Life skills, Knowledge skills, and Subject disciplines. Chemistry falls under the area of subject disciplines and other discipline subjects like languages, Humanities and Arts, and Mathematics and Sciences. 

Subject disciplines ensure that students have a good grounding across different areas of study.

Higher Nucleus’ comprehensive JC Chemistry tuition in Singapore uses research and evidence-based teaching pedagogy that is renowned to build higher-order-thinking (HOT) skills through content mastery practices.

Thus, curated highly effective materials based on the latest A-Level Chemistry syllabus to help students achieve their goals. 

Students who participate in the A Level JC Chemistry Tuition program gain confidence and love for the subject. They are also challenged to cultivate a lifelong interest in Science, a critical subject that influences careers and daily life.

What to Expect from Our H2 Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

In our H2 Chemistry tuition classes, we aim that students:

  • Receive a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses the entire A Level Chemistry syllabus
  • Develop higher-order-thinking (HOT) skills through content mastery practices
  • Create a strong foundation in H2 Chemistry to apply the correct concepts independently
  • Gain deeper understanding of H2 Chemistry to master even complex topics
  • Improve their dry chemistry practical skills with advice and tips from seasoned tutors
  • Fuel their enthusiasm and love for chemistry with interactive and engaging sessions
  • Can track their progress and identify areas that need improvement through regular assessments and constructive feedback

Higher Nucleus will help you simplify and streamline your study process, giving you the confidence to tackle all things chemistry!

Why A Level Chemistry Tuition at Higher Nucleus?

Our A Level Chemistry tuition programme employs a well-regarded teaching approach rooted in research and evidence. We use this methodology to curate highly effective materials aligned with the latest A-Level chemistry syllabus to support students in reaching their full potential.

Unmatched Expertise

Our experienced and dedicated JC chemistry tutor is well-versed in the intricacies of A Level Chemistry. With a profound understanding of H2 Chemistry, he will demystify even the most challenging concepts, helping students understand the subject quickly.

Tailored Learning

We recognise that every student is unique and learns at their own pace. Our teaching methodology is highly individualized to address the different challenges that students face in H2 Chemistry. This tailored learning experience sets us apart from the one-size-fits-all approach of other JC chemistry tuition.

Engaging Classes

Learning chemistry should be enjoyable, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience at Higher Nucleus. Our A Level chemistry tuition classes are not just informative, but also engaging and interactive with experiments and quizzes. We believe in making learning fun, ensuring that you grasp even the most complex H2 Chemistry concepts with ease.

Regular Assessments

Every H2 chemistry tuition lesson comes with a complete set of notes, topical practice questions, and exam papers. Our tutors mark them weekly to identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing for targeted improvements. It also helps us track a student’s learning progress and adjust teaching strategies.

Proven Results

With our comprehensive H2 Chemistry tuition, we’ve helped numerous students not only excel in their A Level chemistry exams, but also develop a deep appreciation for chemistry. Our track record of success speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our teaching methodology.

Structure of our A Level JC Chemistry Tuition

Component Structure Lesson Outcome
Paper 1: Multiple Choice
Assess knowledge and understanding of H2 Chemistry concepts
Effective time management to answer questions swiftly and accurately
Paper 2: Structured Questions
• Short answers
• Explanations
• Calculations
• Problem-solving
Integrate higher-order-thinking (HOT) skills through content mastery practices
Paper 3: Free Response Questions
Basic to advanced questions that require mastery and application of concepts learnt
Ability to synthesise knowledge from different parts of chemistry syllabus
Paper 4: Practical
• Planning (P)
• Manipulation, measurement and observation (MMO)
• Presentation of data and observations (PDO)
• Analysis, conclusions and evaluation (ACE)
Interpret data, design experiments, and evaluate effectiveness of experimental procedures

Mr Low Kwee Peng

Mr Low embarked on his teaching career in MOE schools in 2001. His invaluable experience in the Singapore education system has provided him with a profound insight into the needs and challenges of JC students. As a full-time classroom tuition educator for 10 years, he has witnessed countless students achieve their A Level chemistry goals under his guidance. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Mr Low has fine-tuned his teaching strategies, incorporating the latest educational techniques to ensure students grasp the nuances of chemistry.

Academic Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) with Merit NUS
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education with merit (NIE, NTU)
  • Masters in Education (Science Education)
A Level Chemistry Mr Low Kwee Peng

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