A Level JC Mathematics Tuition Singapore


Many students find A-Level H2 Mathematics to be one of the most challenging topics in the JC curriculum.  They struggle to apply and integrate concepts taught across topics. 

Joining an A Level Math tuition program is a good way to supplement your school lessons.

The JC Math tuition program aims to improve students’ problem-solving skills and understanding of mathematical concepts so that they can present solutions more effectively and score better.

Concise revision notes are provided to assist students in efficiently recapping and understanding the key points per chapter.

Struggling with A Level Math? Our JC Math tuition is here to help.

Benefits of A Level JC Math Tuition in Singapore

The current A-level Math curriculum is centred on applying math concepts in real-world scenarios; application-based questions for each relevant topic will be discussed in class to help students better integrate these concepts with their use in application scenarios.

The JC Math tuition program is designed such that a wide range of questions in each topic will be thoroughly covered where students can better appreciate and apply concepts learned in one topic to another when they see how they are all linked rather than viewing each topic as a separate entity. Common mistakes and conceptual errors will be highlighted and discussed during class.

When nearer to the exams, mock papers will be run through to enable students to get used to managing all topics simultaneously and to equip them with time management skills. Performing well in exams also requires soft skills such as time management,  mental endurance and checking skills. These are areas which will be emphasised when practising papers during A Level Math tuition.

Participants in the JC Math Tuition program will gain confidence and a better understanding of the subject.

What to Expect from Our A Level JC Math Tuition

In our JC Math tuition classes, we aim that students:

  • Elevate their mathematical prowess and academic achievements
  • Establish a solid foundation in JC math using real-world application scenarios
  • Improve their JC math practical skills with advice and tips
  • Develop their problem-solving skills and understanding of JC math concepts
  • Improve their time management and checking skills
  • Will be given concise notes, targeted practice math questions and A Level Math mock papers, all with detailed solutions

Continuous feedback loops and self-evaluation tasks assist students in developing the confidence and skills necessary in achieving excellence in A Level Math.

Guided by one of Singapore’s best JC Math educators, our JC Math tuition classes will equip you with all you need to excel in JC Math.

Why A Level Math Tuition at Higher Nucleus?

Proven Teaching Methodologies

We employ proven teaching strategies that have helped numerous students achieve their desired A Level Math grades. Our methods are structured, and we emphasise on building a strong foundation before diving into complex topics.

Comprehensive Resources

We understand that the A Level Math syllabus can be challenging, but with our vast array of study materials and practice questions curated by our expert JC Math tutors, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to conquer it.

Small Class Size

Our small JC Math tuition class sizes enable personalised attention and interaction with our tutors. This approach enables us to focus on your strengths and helps you overcome your weaknesses to ensure you get the most out of each class.

Continuous Progress Tracking

To ensure your success, we conduct regular assessments to gauge your progress. This allows us to make necessary adjustments to our teaching approach and helps you stay on track with your A Level JC Math studies.

Excellent Track Record

Our students consistently achieve top scores in JC Math and A Level Math. More than 90% of our students have scored an A or B in the A Level Math exam.

Mr Terence Chia

Mr Chia brings a wealth of experience to the table, having started his teaching career in MOE schools back in 2004. He has dedicated 15 years to being a full-time classroom tuition educator and has amassed over 15 years of teaching experience. He has consistently helped students achieve their goals, especially in JC Math. Whether it’s mastering complex calculus or acing challenging A Level Math questions, Mr Chia has consistently guided students to success.

Academic Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) with Honours – 1st Class, NUS
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education with merit (NIE, NTU)
  • Public Service Commission (PSC) scholar

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